The DMPOA Board recently made changes to the regulations/fees regarding use of the Community Center by Property Owners.  

  •  If a DMR property owner would like to hold a community meeting or gathering at the Center, they must first check with the DMPOA Office Manager to verify that the date wanted is available.
  •  If the date is available, the DMPOA property owner reserving the facility must fill in an Agreement of Use form and submit it to the DMPOA Office Manager.
  • The Office Manager will then log the event on the calendar.
  • There are now no charges or fees associated with reserved uses of the Community Center. However, if the facility is not cleaned after use or damages have occurred to the property, the
    individual reserving the facility will be contacted and held responsible.

To make reservations for private use, please call the Office Manager, Una Learish, at 432-426-3374.

Note:  This opens the door to property owners holding fee based activities and classes at the Community Center.  Several classes were not held in the past due to fees involved in the process.  
We have many talented residents in the DMR and it would be great for them to share their expertise and talents with the community.  Thanks to the DMPOA Board for this recent decision!
                                                                                               2019 ANNUAL MEETING

A good crowd attended this years Annual Meeting. Yes, it was hot.  It was also hard to hear anything being said.  Apparently everyone involved forgot that the DMPOA has a good sound
system to address the issue. Oh well, the main argument was a motion brought from the floor to raise assessments $3.00 per lot.  After a lengthly discussion, it was decided that all
property owners, not just those in attendance and with proxies, should have a say in the matter.    For photos of the Annual Meeting, go to the
2019 Annual Meeting Page on this site.

Our new Board was seated and new officers were elected:  Mike Fryer - President, Dale Learish - Vice President, Mariel Davis - Treasurer, Tracii Logan, Secretary,
Board Members: Willis LeJeune, Chris Kirby, Wretha Smith, Andy Pellegrin, Joe Rowe & Darell Fellers.  For add'l info and contact information for the Board members, go to
Board Page in this site.

Interesting Item, for property owners needing a culvert installed, check with the Road Committee or Road Maintenance Operator.  The DMPOA will install the culvert if you purchase it.
Darell Fellers will even come out to your place , look over the problem, and let you know what culvert you would need to purchase.  A great BBQ dinner was hosted by the DMRVFD
immediately after the Annual Meeting.  All proceeds benefited the DMRVFD.  More info on the dinner will be forthcoming.
                                                                   Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019  - DMPOA Meeting   (Unofficial synopsis of the meeting)

1.  Vice President Dale learish sat in for vacationing President Mike Fryer.  
2.  The Board will decide on a POA (Property Owner’s Association) attorney at next month's meeting.  
3.  The Board approved up to $50,000 for the purchase of a used back hoe.  
4.  The audience was told by Will Rhodes and TX Parks & Wildlife Officer Stephen Boultinghouse, in part, that castration or spading the wild burros was not possible.  Will stated that
  we don't have an over population problem yet but we might in the future.  Note, Officer Boultinghouse stated several times that he was speaking about what criminal laws he could
  or could enforce in the DMR, but that the DMR might have civil remedies. As it stands now, until we get an POA attorney hired and his/her opinion given, people can shoot and target
  practice on their property,  as long as they are lawfully discharging their firearms. That's a big question here, possible civil remedies? Unknown at this time?  Officer Boultinghouse
  that property lines are very important, whether by fences, gates or by marking their property lines with purple paint, 3' above the ground and spaced appx 1000 feet apart. This will
  help law enforcement officers know if someone is actually trespassing or not.
5. The community water tank will be moved up the hill and we will have two tanks instead of one.  This will diminish long waits for property owners after large water trucks have been
 filled.  The Road Crew will be doing the work.  Willis LeJeune volunteered to help.  Adequate warning will be given to property owners and the old tank will be used until the new
 system is completed.
6. The Resolution Committee will be sending out demand letters to eight property owners who are seriously delinquent in payment of their assessments.  By the DMPOA  sending out
 the demand letters, it saves the cost of having an attorney send them out. If the property owners fail to make payment by appx Oct 9, 2019, the Board  can decide whether to pursue
 foreclosure proceedings on them.
7. The Board approved ordering and installing signs asking people to not feed the burros from the roadway.  Some people have been feeding the burros from their vehicles which has
 made the animals used to it and they burros have become hazards in some cases.  People need to drive the speed limit, 20 mph, or less in the resort and be aware of watch for
                                                                       November 9, 2019 DMPOA Meeting  (Unofficial Synopsis)

Present: Mike, Dale, Mariel, Tracii, Andy, Darrell, Joe and Wretha - Not Present: Willis and Chris

TREASURER’S REPORT - by Mariel Davis
$ 83,275.23    Checkbook Balance (Note, this does NOT include a reimbursement check for $41,157.25 to Steve Barr for the purchase of a backhoe for the DMPOA
$135,576.98   Reserve Acct
$    7,465.12   Income
$ 15,475.85    Expenses   Note, this does NOT include a reimbursement check for $41,157.25 to Steve Barr for the purchase of a backhoe for the DMPOA
$ 43,778.84   Accounts Receivable

The DMPOA Credit Card application that had been denied will be reopened once the DMPOA submits additional paperwork.  One of the things needed is a letter indicating that the
DMPOA Board is authorized to accrue debt on behalf of the DMPOA.

A long debate then ensued regarding interest charged on unpaid assessments. The annual percentage rate is 6% per year on February 1sr.  Mariel proposed the send a bill to property
owners once a year instead of twice a year. She noted that if the bill, presented and due and payable on January 1st, the property owner must be notified of the amount one month
before that. Mariel proposed changing the 6% interest to be added in December. She said she had researched the office books and determined that there were no significant payments
made after July. In addition, billing only once a year would save the DMPOA money, saving on postage, printing labels and overtime. The theory was that if a property owner pays before
the end of the year, no addl interest is added on.  

Joe Rowe said that a letter is sent out anyway prior to the Annual Meeting at which time a copy of the overdue billings are added to the envelopes.  According to Joe, years ago, interest
was logged every month. At Joe’s request sometime later, the Board changed that to three times a year and then to twice a year.  It stayed at twice a year, mainly because property
owners were not allowed to vote at the Annual Meetings if they were behind in there assessments.  Later State Legislation shot down the requirement that property owners had to be
current, but the DMPOA kept the two year billing schedule anyway.  Joe  added that if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.  Jeff Fisher added that you cannot accrue interest if the money is not yet due.
You can’t bill January 1st by State Law. Mariel argued that the billing would be at the end of each year.  Joe noted that the 6% annual interest works out to ½% each month.  Dale Learish
asked why we had to reinvent the wheel and noted that they just put the past due notices in with the letters sent out (which is the way it is already being done).  Mariel stated that signed
payment agreements would be necessary.  Joe made a motion that unless there is a reasonable reason to change our current procedures, then leave it alone.  All but Mariel approved.  
Andy asked if we have written agreements for various plans. We do not.

On another Treasurer’s item, Mariel asked the Board if they believed we should just pay out $41,157.25 reimbursement to Steve Barr for the purchase of a new backhoe or transfer the
funds from the Reserve Account to the checking account and then make quarterly payments back to the Money Market Account.  The Board decided to just take the funds out of the
checking account with the knowledge that if the funds are needed later on, that an electronic transfer can be made from the MMA to the checking account.

Basically, a previous Board had approved up to $40,000.00 for a backhoe.  As President Mike Fryer was out of town for another month, Vice President Dale Learish worked with Darell
Fellers and Steve Barr on the project. After many hours of working on this project, Dale gave Steve carte blanch to find and purchase a good back hoe.  Steve found a 2007 John Deere
410G backhoe for $39,511.25 including tax. The tractor has only approximately 1500 hours on it, way long for that year model.  Most models that year have over 6,000 hours o them.  
Steve paid for the backhoe using his own funds to make the purchase possible. The current Board approved an additional $10,000.00 for shipping which should include appx $9,000.00
for a reciprocal rock hammer attachment for the backhoe.  The rock hammer, which Darell has experience working with, will be used to knock of knobs in roads, sometimes pulverizing
large rocks. Darell stated that the rock hammer will have a diminishing use in one or two years. Darell is currently researching which rock hammer, possibly a 990 lb one or a 1,128 lb
one would be the best choice. Also, the backhoe had some cosmetic flaws but Steve worked with the broker and the repairs are being made at no cost to the DMPOA.

After listing all the work accomplished by the Road Crew this past month, Darell advised the Board that he had found a quarry in Alpine that was selling Tactite, an amorphastat rock that
has many similarities to caliche.  The cost would be $5.00 ber yard and $400 for each truck. Total cost would be appx $500.00 to $600.00 per load compared to appx $750.00 per load of
caliche.  Darell will be doing more research. Any product purchased would have to be mixed and blended with native materials.  Tactite = A calc-silicate rock formed by contact
metasomatism of a carbonate or marly rock. A rock of complex mineralogical composition, formed by contact metamorphism and metasomatism of carbonate rocks. It is typically
coarse-grained and mostly rich in calcic garnet, calcium-iron-rich ...

The Board approved sending all delinquent cases to the DMPOA attorney in Alpine for foreclosure processing.  Of the original nine, one paid.  Uncontested foreclosures will cost the
DMPOA appx $2,000.00.  Only one property owner with two properties is contesting the foreclosure.
                                                                    December 14, 2019 DMPOA meeting (Unofficial Synopsis)

Board Members Present:  Mike Fryer, Dale Learish, Tracii Logan, Willis LeJeune, Wretha Smith, Mariel Davis, Chris Kirby, Darell Fellers and Andy Pellegrin.

It was announced at the beginning of the meeting that it needed to be a fast meeting because the DMR VFD needed to finish setting up for their Annual Christmas Dinner in the
Community Center.

The Board addressed the building materials that had been dumped at the burn pile.  DMR resident Bryan DeLesdernier observed a contractor known to him dumping the material. On
his own, in the pouring rain, Bryan loaded up the material on his own trailer and took it to the dump. It was discovered that a DMR resident had hired a contractor to tear down or replace
a deck. Included in the estimate was the dump fees for the discarded material.  Apparently the contractor decided to cut some corners. Anyway, Bryan sent the contractor a bill. Great to
have people like Brian living up here.

The search for a new HOA Attorney was tabled until next month. The attorney Mike wants to use lives in Austin, charges $450 per hour or $350 per hour for his assistants.  He bills in 6
minute increments.

Darell presented the Road Committee report.  The incredible increase in traffic has caused more wear and tear on the roads than in the past. He asked the Board to approve the
purchase of 200 yards of caliche for $8,332.00. The Board decided to transfer $8,500.00 from the Equipment Repair and maintenance line item to the Culvert/ Materials line item. The
transfer would allow for the purchase of caliche to be used as a binder on our roads.

In Open Comments, Mariel tossed out the idea of seeking out DMR residents who are interested in becoming EMTs.  Currently we only have 2 EMT’s in the DMR that can respond up
here.  The cost averages $800.00 for the class and necessary supplies.  She suggested that if the individuals took the course and passed all the necessary requirements, that if they
sign a one year commitment to work as an EMT in the DMR.  Then, after they have served a year up here, the DMPOA could reimburse the person for the costs incurred.  This will
definitely have to be addressed by our DMR VFD.
                                                                                               February 8, 2020 DMPOA Monthly Meeting  (Unofficial Synopsis)

Present: Dale, Wretha, Joe,  Mariel, Mike, Andy, Darrell and Tracii

Treasurer’s Report
Previously approved funds have been reallocated to pay for future deliveries of caliche.

Legal Liason Report
Our current attorney, Stephanie Milliron of Alpine, sent the DMPOA a letter stating the DMPOA that she was charging $2,000 per foreclosure case (uncontested) and that the DMPOA must
pay $10,000 up front for the processing of current foreclosures.  We have little to show for the cases even though the attorney has had them since last September.  Further discussion on
our present attorney was tabled until after the Board was able to speak with guest attorney James Jepson.

                                    Joe Rowe introduced Attorney James Jepson and his wife/paralegal, from Fort Stockton, TX.  Mr. Jepson is a former Chief Deputy and  Detective in Houston, has
                                    been in Fort Stockton since 1977 and has been a rancher/farmer for the past 25 years.  He currently does mostly criminal, family and real estate law.  While he has
                                    no personal HOA dealings, he has represented hospital districts, cities and other entities for years.  Mr. Jepson gave a thorough and concise presentation of what
                                    he could provide the DMPOA as far as legal services.  Mr. Jepson charges $250 per hour for his legal work, broken down in 15 minute increments.  A $250 a month
                                    retainer would be required. If no legal fees are accrued during a month, the $250 retainer fee would roll over to the following month.  If his presence is required in
                                    the DMR, he would only charge for driving time one way and for the meeting itself.  Mr. Jepson would charge $100 per demand letter sent out (certified and
                                    regular) and would include a copy of that bill with the demand letter. If at some point, we are awarded attorney fees, he will refund any monies he has received from
                                    the DMPOA that were adequately awarded and paid.  
Mr. and Mrs. Jepson

After a short discussion, the Board decided to sever our relationship with our current attorney, Stephanie Milliron, and to hire Mr. Jepson.  The Board will  send a letter to our current attorney
stating that we would not pay the money up front and that we are terminating our relationship with Milliron, demanding the return of our files and work product.

In further legal news, it was announced that the DMPOA Resolution Committee has fulfilled it’s purpose for this year and was formally disbanded.

Road Committee Report  -  Darell Fellers advised everyone that the new rock hammer was outside at the shop.   The Road Crew has been working on Remington
                                      Ridge and Six Shooter.  After the rain that is in the forecast for next week, the main road will be worked again. After that, the Road Crew will begin work on Section
                                      5 which includes  Squaw Valley and Bourassa Trail. It is believed that Section 5 needs a lot of  work and the crew will be ties up for quite a while on it.  A comment
                                      was made as to the caliche that has been ordered. Jay Jarrett advised that his brother, Keith Jarrett has been ill but that Jay’s nephew was going to begin screening
                                      the caliche and that his son Brian would begin delivering it as soon as possible.  Our warmest wishes go our to Keith Jarratt with hopes for a complete and speedy
                                                                               February 8, 2020 Meet and Greet for Tommy Jackson

Today's Meet and Greet for Tommy Jackson at the DMPOA Community Center was a great success. Tommy, a DMR resident, is running for Jeff Davis Constable.
                                                   MARCH 14, 2020 MONTHLY DMPOA BOARD MEETING (Unofficial Synopsis)

Board Members Present:  Chris Kirby, Wretha Smith, Tracii Logan, Joe Rowe Mike Fryer, Dale Learish and Darrell Fellers
Board Members Not Present:  Willis LeJeune, Mariel Davis & Andy Pellegrin

Road Committee Report:  Per Darrell Fellers, the DMPOA received 180 years of caliche for $7,500 (10 truckloads). $8,000 had been moved from the Equipment Repair and
Maintenance Fund to allow for the expenditure.  60 yards have been used on our roads to date.

The Road Crew will complete work on Apache by March 18, 2020. They will then start on Section 5 on March 19, 2020.  

Legal Liaison Report:  The DMPOA has not received a written contract form our new attorney but he will be sending it this month for Board Approval.

Misc:  The Board approved the lease of a new copy machine for the DMPOA Office. The current copy machine's service agreement has expired and parts/repair would no  longer be
available at no charge.

Mike Fryer appointed the following individuals to the Nominating Committee: Dale Learish, Wretha Smith and Lori Edwards.  Fryer then advised the Board that he had asked Jackie
Webb to be this year's Elections Judge and that she had accepted. Joe Rowe advised Mike that it was the Nominating Committee's job to select the Elections Judge and that he, Mike,
had violated our  By-Laws. Mike said he knew that but had asked her anyway.